Buttoned Capster


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The Buttoned Capster is the improved version from our popular Capster that has served so many Muslimah in preserving and preventing their hair from exposure during swimming or Aqua activities.   It is even comfortable enough to wear during your land activities as the fabric is not thick. 

Specially designed so that you don't need to tuck it into your swimtop when you dive into and have fun in the water, the added feature of adjustable buttons at the waist ensures that whether you are curvy or straight, the straps can be adjusted to fit you. 


Measurements :-



(suitable up to L Size)


(suitable up to 4 XL)


6.1" x 3.5" 6.3" x  3.5"


16" 21.5"

WAIST (Adjustable straps)

31" to 38" 38" to 48"

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