Our Story

At Haneeza, we support women of all ages and shapes to start and lead a healthy lifestyle with comfort and confidence. 

Our activewear and swimwear celebrate modern modest women. All Haneeza products are designed by Haneeza - a Muslimah swim and health coach.

Whatever the shape or size you’re blessed with, we have something that will match your material and sizing needs. Head over to our showroom for a fitting that is suitable to your values and preferences.

About Our Founder

"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realised I was somebody." - Lily Tomlin

Haneeza was in her mid-30s when she decided to pay attention to her physical and mental health. She wanted to be happier so she could provide more happiness to those around her. 

Due to a knee injury, the only option for exercise was swimming. At the age of 37, she learned how to swim and eventually lost 10 kg naturally. Her own journey inspired her to train to be a coach so she can help other Muslimahs benefit from swimming. It took her two years to complete her coaching training. It has been close to a decade now and she has trained more than 500 students. 

Find out more about Haneeza’s coaching classes here 

Haneeza soon realised that her Muslimah students faced shortcomings and wardrobe malfunctions in their swimwear. In 2016, she embarked on a journey to design and to source quality fabrics that would be functional and retain modesty. 

Her swimwear was received with much praise. To address demand for more modest apparel, she then developed an activewear line as well.  

One of the pillars that Haneeza stands for aside from comfort and modest is the environment. Haneeza’s apparel is designed to reduce waste. As the world of fashion takes more steps into reducing the wastes from fashion, Haneeza believes the Muslim community needs to step forward and do its part. Haneeza hopes to lead the way towards helping customers make better environmentally friendly choices by creating products that are manufactured from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and multifunctional (can be used both on land and in water).