Our Story

How My Brain-child Turned to Life

Since 2013, I have been conducting my ladies-only swimming classes. Back then, burqunis were the ONLY swimwear that could #keepuscovered. A typical burqini outfit caused a lot of resistance due to its drabby cut which really slowed my students (and me!) down in the waters...

Let me ask you a question... Has your swimwear ever floated up and exposed your back/front while swimming? If I had a dollar for every single time I had to pull my students' top to prevent their aurah from showing... MashaAllah... 

Modest yet functional swimwear was so hard to find! The ones in the market simply didn't work! Wardrobe malfunction was a frequent occurrence!

It annoyed me enough to take the matter into my own hands and Alhamdulillah, I managed to get my first prototype ready in 2016.

Graceful. Modest. Functional. 

Made of high quality material, with UPF50 sun protection & comfortable enough to swim 100 laps. Most importantly, you look good and you feel good too! Your aurah worries be-gone! Today, we still test out ALL of our new products in the waters before putting it out on the market. We now have 16 designs and colours in our catalogue for you to choose from! Perfect for the active, modern muslimah.



Our Philosophy

We provide you with the opportunity to get a good swim in a comfortable and stylish swimsuit that has your aurah covered. & Even if you are just relaxing by the waters your family, we got your modesty preserved in and out of the waters.


Our Mission

Bringing quality swimwear to the Muslimahs of the world, inshaaAllah