Designed by A Swim & Health Coach

Modest Activewear & Swimwear

Get closer to your health goals, one step at a time

Empowering Modest Women To Lead Active Lives

Haneeza’s range of apparel has been designed with functionality and freedom in mind, without any compromise to our modest values.

Get comfortable and closer to your health goals whether you prefer land or water exercises.

On land or in water, we've got you covered!

We are strong advocates of leading active lives without compromising modesty, comfort or environmental values.

Elegant Modesty

Modest clothing doesn’t have to be dull. Haneeza’s activewear and swimwear provide comfort, modesty and have been designed with a keen eye to empowering women of all ages.

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active confidence

Whether you’re a homemaker or a career woman, feel empowered to meet your health goals. Stay active with our breathable fabric and range of comfortable sizes (Petite to 4XL).

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sustainable style

Make better environmental friendly choices with Haneeza’s range of apparel that are manufactured from innovative recycled materials with multi functionality (can be used both on land and in water)

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Looking for the right fit

At Haneeza, we celebrate all body shapes and sizes. Whatever the shape or size you’re blessed with, we have something that will match your material and sizing needs. Head over to our showroom for a fitting that is suitable to your values and preferences.



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Floating Well In Water

Posted by Bibi Haneeza Said Akbar

  How centering the body's gravity, fats and air can help us float.