As you are aware, getting to the public pool to swim is not the same anymore.  And I am sure if you have not been swimming for a while, ie since before Covid appeared, you probably would be anxious about getting back to the pool. 

In order to restart your swim journey in the public pool, you would have to do the following :-

  • Download ActiveSg app to your phone
  • If you still have credit in it, you can utilise that to book a slot and pay for it via the app.  If not, you would have to top up your account before you can place a booking. 
  • Booking can only be made for certain timing of the day.  And you can only make a booking 3 days in advance. 
  • If you are not utilising your booking, you can cancel it at least 2 hours before the session but there will not be any refund. 

Once you have booked your slot, and if  you have not been swimming for a while,  I would encourage you to consider the following :-

  • Start stretching a few hours before you actually go. 
  • Dress in your swimsuit from home as your time in the pool area is restricted to that 1 hour. 
  • Be early to the pool as you would have to register, scan the Trace App and take your temperature.   You will only have 45 minutes of actual swim time, so you dont want to be late.
  • Don't forget to rinse yourself before you enter the water.
  • Stay either in the teaching pool or if you want to go to the deep pool, take the side lanes. This is just as a precaution in case you start cramping or panicking midway.
  • Go slow, and let your body acclimatize to the water again before doing some serious lap swimming. 
  • And don't stress about it if you can't get much done. Getting back in the water is a start, you can build up your stamina and speed as you progress.
  • Start with breaststroke first (sequence KICK-BUBBLE-PUSH!) and if you are going to do freestyle, remember to do by stages, ie. the flutter kicks first, then side flutter, then the full stroke.
  • Remember to have fun, laugh at yourself if you make a mistake. The best part about this whole situation is there are very few people around you and they are all so focused on making their time count that they probably are clueless about their surrounding or what everyone else is doing.

Hope you found this helpful and remember to take it one step at a time while maintaining all precautions for safe distancing.  Enjoy your swim!