Ladies Group & Private Swim Classes


Always wanted to learn to swim?  Ever felt left out when your family members are enjoying the pool on your holiday or staycation while you're forced to chill quietly at the side because you can't swim? Or could it be that you can't do land exercises due to joint or medical issues and have been ordered by the doctor to go and swim?!

Whatever your reason, if you have been looking for a female coach, come join us for one of our group or private sessions.

Coach Haneeza has been coaching since 2013 and has taught more than 500 students since.  Having picked up swimming at the age of 37, she knows what it's like to learn as an adult and fully understand the challenges faced by someone who has not exercised for a long time.  

Her classes are conducted at various venues and you can register your interest here.

We'll get back to you on the availability and schedule.